Who we are

We are a group of skilled people from different parts of the EU but having the same live values and approaches

We believe, that the “old style” way of making business based on a good relationship, a good level of trust, sharing know-how gained through years of practice, and providing professional and skilled services to the clients has still space on the market.

Our mission is to provide professional service in fields of solving problems linked with damages caused during the transport. We guarantee an individual approach to each of our clients, with a maximum level of confidence, reliability, and trust.

Despite the fact that Packing Experts as a group still does not have a deep imprint in the packaging industry, plenty of our members is well known in the packing market.

We are still open to new members, who are carefully selected by the committee of Packing Experts to allow spread our mission across other regions but with respect to key Packing Experts code and missions.

If you are interested or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry or with questions on inquiry@packing-experts.com or write a personal email to our Experts.

First meeting

During my professional life, I have met a lot of smart people who are not only willing to make packing business but looking at this industry from a wider perspective.

Discussions with those people were at the beginning of the idea – creating a group of packing experts to share and exchange new ideas, solutions, opening problems, using suppliers’ chains to help each other in times of limited material supply…

Later on, we discuss why not to allow end-users using our “shared experiences”. Then Packing Experts idea in current “official” form was born.

Uwe Faust – Founder

First meeting of PE work group in Dusiburg Sept 2019

Reason for being open to “end users”

As previously told, the original idea to connect people with similar visions to exchange information and experiences internally was slowly transferred to “allowing rest of market to share group members know-how gained by years of practice to have access to smart solutions and cost-effective problem solving as well”.

Our membership is based on a strong but simple internal Packing Expert code and we are very strict to control that our members are following those simple rules.

We are not here to discuss unit price or try to push our customers to buy this exact brand of product, we want to offer our expert knowledge to find the best and cost-effective way of problem-solving.