Inside the Packing Experts group, we are allways looking arround in order to find new ecofriendly solutions for our customers.

Nowadays, all the big companies are asking to us for new sustainable solutions and alternatives to their actual existing packging… and one of the solutions that we presented to them, is the new NIUPACK, that is a sustainable load securement product that prevents the movement, shifting and tiltting of your products during the transport, and that reduces the carbon footprint by up to 30%, and is 100% recyclable, recycled, resistant, mono material (100% paper), and can be reused. All this features with the same performance in terms of strength as other products in the market.

NIUPACK can be recycled in its entirety without the need to separate materials, so it meets the requirements of the EEEC. This is the result of an R&D study carried out for more than 5 years, which has been tested and approved in the laboratory several times and gives us a guarantee to offer it to all our customers in various sectors.

Our main focus is to be compromised with our products footprint and if we compare other market products such as standard Poly wowen dunnage bag as a cargo securing element NIUPACK can reduce carbon footprint in about 75% because it is made from mono material, corrugated cardboard in a foldable honeycomb structure (100% paper).

We are also working on a new line of eco products where NIUPACK is our starship and we want to fulfill our compromise with new trends in Circular Economy.

The idea of ​​the new Niupack has been developed thanks to the feedback received from our customers, who were eager to find a new product ideal for fixing and protecting goods, and that was both sustainable and environmentally friendly and that reduced the carbon footprint and complied with the new requirements from the biggest companies.

NIUPACK consists of bee cells that can be of different sizes according to the needs of each client, the smaller the cell the more resistant the NIUPACK.

There are a variety of models that are specific to different types of cargo.

  • Niupack S: mainly used for transport by truck and for food and beverage industry. Is ideal product to solve the underhang problem
  • Niupack Double: Is the best system for to fill the big gaps in the transport when you don’t transport 2 palets together (when you have 1 palet alone).
  • Niupack L: Mainly used for transport by sea container and prevents the tilting and swaying of the merchandise, the so-called domino effect. Designed for food, beverages, laboratories, chemical industry and transport and logistics companies in general.
  • Niublock: Designed to protect the rigid goods of the sectors that work with machinery, consumer electronics, and some logistics companies.
  • Niubox: Is a new development that can be folded for transport or storage, saves a lot of space in transport and storage, and consist of a honeycomb panel foldable.

With Niupack we avoid the domino effect that occurs on braking and acceleration during transport and helps to the environment with the Eco product that reduces plastic waste.

NIUPACK is an excellent solution for Ground Transportation where all the goods are really close to each other. When the load is really optimized in the cargo mean, Niupack can protect better than any other market solution.