The Problem

Differents liners for load

The client was using differents liners with steel bars to load eeds in lose, in sea freight containers.


Alternative solution

I suggest him an alternative solution , a barless liner , this liner don t need any bars to support it ,
the liner conception is totally different , of course this liner is made of stronger raw material and it s the resut of long research and development period.

other advantage of our barless liner are alsos our main argues;
- the quickness to set up ,
- when you dont need bars , you can save warehousing cost and space , for informations , for 1000 liners you need 4000 steel bars
those steel bars represent 50 paletts 100 x 230 x 50 cms and 50 tons …
- the loading seems more professionnal for end users , because most of the time bars staying outside are rusted ( cheap steel)
it s also cleaner for agro business ( soja, malt, corn…)


Barless liner

Customer was convinced to use our BARLESS LINER . Price was also more expensive but not that much if you considerate economy on bars , and warehousing cost.