The Problem

Molding of wind turbines

There are usually several months between a windmill’s installation and commissioning. During that time, the inside of the foot can become most, because there is no air circulation while the windmill is not operational.

Because the foot of the wind turbine is moist, molding occurs. This had to be cleaned, which was a very costly process. The feet of the wind turbines had to be cleaned before the turbines themselves could be commissioned. We were asked to provide a solution to this problem.


Container Desiccants

By placing Container Desiccants in wind turbines foot, it is kept dry and free of mold. The desiccant eliminates the need to clean the foot, which is difficult to do at sea because it requires fresh water. Using the desiccant therefore saves a ton of time and money.


No problems

Corrective action prevented the error from recurring.