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We are a group of skilled people from different parts of the EU with long-term experience in the packing industry.

We can research and create customized solutions in any business segment.

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Cargo protection & cargo securing

Humidity problems

moulding, corrosion, packaging affected by humidity during transport

Packaging improvement and optimization

Tracking and monitroing of valuable shipments

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We believe, that the “old style” way of making business based on a good relationship, a good level of trust, sharing know-how gained through years of practice.

“There always be a space on the market when people come with open mind.”

Uwe FaustFounder

Advisory across different industrial segments

  • Automotive
  • Heavy industry / machinery, steel industry /
  • Electronics
  • Consumables,
  • Food processing industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharma & Chemical industry 
  • Transport & Logistics


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FAQ Packing Experts Group

Who are we?

We are group of skilled people from different parts of EU having long time experiences in packaging business. Meeting several time in closed workgroup we had an idea to offer our experiences to companies on the market to share group members know-how gained by years of practice to have access to smart solutions and cost-effective problem solving as well.

Why there is such a group like PACKING EXPERTS?

“There always be a space on the market when people come with open mind.”

Uwe Faust, founder 

During my professional life I have met lot of smart people who are not only willing to make packing business but looking on this industry from wider perspective.

In discussions with those people was in the beginning of the idea – creating group of packing experts to share and exchange new ideas, solutions, opening problems, using suppliers’ chains to help each other in times of limited material supply …

How can you help me?

In case of interest you can try to contact our members with your problems. They will try to offer you solution based on their best practices and experiences. I case of deeper problem we will discuss this issue inside group. Then other members could be involved in problem solution.

How to contact you?

You can reach us by post or on general email address. See Contact Us section. Or you can try to  contact pour Experts directly. Contacts could be found in member profile section.

What is your reaction time on our questions?

Generally we will give you feedback within one day from your contact or inquiry. 

Are you able help me if there is no „expert“ in my country?

There could be some regions without covering by members directly, but using wide network of cooperative companies we are able provide you some contacts to „non covered“ countries as well.

Are you selling any products?

No. As a group we are here to offer our know-how and experiences. For solving open problems there could be several solution and for each solution there could be many of different producers and manufacturers.  Generally we want to help you find a solution, then you can buy product wherever you want.  Of course our members have companies in which they are active and they gladly offer you suitable materials from their portfolio. 

Whats the membership code of conduct?


The Packing Experts / representatives / members, observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. As representative of PE, we all must practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


Expectations of Membership PE:

  • Comply with all applicable statutes and regulations to a non-profit organization;
  • Protect the interests and mission of the Packing Experts;
  • The main mission of PE is to be solely “Service focused”;
  • Refrain from using the membership, for own personal advantage or the advantage of any special interests inside or outside of the association;
  • Refrain from using the membership, for own business advantage as to display own products or seek advantage for own company/brand or product. 
  • Protect the confidentiality of private or confidential information to which I become a party as a member of PE, i.e. member directory, financial information, etc;
  • Promote the Packing Experts and encourage the participation of new Experts;
  • Avoid any conflict of interest and/or situations where any competition between members can originate;
  • Maintain active membership status by renewing membership dues annually;
  • Tender my resignation from membership if I am, or become, unable to serve in accordance with the provisions of this commitment;


  • Once per month online meeting, attendance is required (when absent, notify 24H before)

Disciplinary actions

Any violations of these expectations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and could result in expulsion from the Packing Experts.


Entrance Fee of € 300,00

Yearly membership fee have to be paid in January of each year. 

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