New Packing Centre in Gdynia Harbour

By 4 července, 2021No Comments

One of our members in Polen and the Gdynia Maritime Agency have launched a Packing Centre in Gdynia Harbour. This is the first solution of its kind in Poland – emphasized Marcin Królski, a member of the Board of Relopack, during the opening.
The new Packing Centre was created on the premises of a warehouse belonging to the Gdynia Maritime Agency (MAG), near the container terminals BCT and Hutchinson Gdynia. The object allows integration of forwarding services, storage and preparation of the cargo for transport.

Great possibilities of the center

MAG warehouse in Gdynia has a large storage areas and reloading facilities, which have a lifting capacity of up to 45 tons. „We currently have almost three hectares of storage space and 12,000 covered storage area, the remaining area is storage areas. We have machines of all kinds.
The latest acquisition is a container truck that can lift up to 45 tons of cargo. They also have storage trolleys with a lifting capacity of 16 and 30 tons. 

The development of the warehouse design ensured a high safety standards and not only in terms of standard health and safety requirements. The center is designed in such a way that it is not necessary for packaging staff to contact the customer team, which ensures increased safety during the epidemic. The warehouse in Gdynia also offers additional services such as distribution of products to the target customer, quantitative and qualitative control, packaging and labelling of goods, forming and dissection of containers.